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ELEMON Fitness is a revolutionary EMS fitness boutique that is science-proven and results-driven. We’re here for everyone who’s looking to achieve their dream body and a better lifestyle through a workout experience that is Efficient, Easy, Effective and Exclusive.

We understand that the hardest part of exercising is making the first move, so we designed the ELEMON experience to be as simple as possible.

MORE results. MORE confidence. MORE life. Do it all with ELEMON.


Small Effort, Big Change

Get the biggest benefit with the smallest effort with ELEMON! Our high-tech EMS fitness devices ensure your exercise sessions with us are alway easy and enjoyable.

  • Exercise like never before with technologically-enhanced workouts
  • Low-impact workouts that provide immense benefits you can see
  • Get fit and healthy without having to alter your life-style

No more excuses! Get the lifestyle you always wanted without any of the hassle!





100% Proven & Safe

Low-Frequency Impulses

The low-frequency electrical impulses in EMS training are harmless. They only stimulate the nerves and muscles in the striated skeletal muscles, so that the smooth muscles in the organs and heart are not stimulated.

Our Machines are ISO Quality Assured

Our machines all comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. They have a built-in Quality Management System to ensure that all machine services follow a high quality standard.

Certified Professional EMS Trainers

Our EMS trainers are all licensed through the EMS Trainer Education Program. They are professionally equipped to not only operate our devices, but to provide top quality service to clients while complying to best practices and protocols.


The ELEMON Advantage


Busyness will never be an excuse again! 20 minutes of EMS training equates to 90 minutes of traditional gym training. 2-3 sessions with us per week is enough to start seeing results!


We will provide a personal body suit designed for EMS training and a towel for showering. Just come as you are and we’ll take care of the rest!


Fast-track your fitness goals and burn up to 2,500 calories in one session alone. 4 hours (12 sessions) at ELEMON Fitness, along with good nutrition, will get you your dream body in no time!


Our certified EMS trainers will work with you to achieve your fitness goals through exclusive one-on-one training sessions.

Who Knew Getting Fit Could Be So Easy?

Every 20-minute EMS session consists of these 4 steps:

Check In & Suit Up

Get a Move On & Have Fun

Relax & Refresh

Feel the Energy & Look Great!

Media Highlights

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“EMS offers a promising alternative to traditional strength training for enhancing the strength parameters and motor abilities in athletes.”


– Journal of Strength and Conditioning

“One study by Germany’s University of Bayreuth found training with EMS just twice a week for six weeks saw participants’ strength increase by 12 per cent and muscular endurance climb 69 per cent.”


– BodyAndSoul

“EMS can be a great way to help with recovery, particularly in runners, because the muscle pumping activity can help with circulation and decrease swelling in the lower limbs without requiring additional impact or exercise.”


– C. Shanté Cofield, D.P.T., Runners World


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