What is EMS?


Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is the safe practice of using low-current electricity to physically stimulate the muscles of your body.

EMS magnifies the effects of exercise to provide results that can not be replicated under normal conditions.

An EMS session is a technologically-enhanced workout. During an EMS session, your muscles are stimulated by an external device while you exercise. Small movements are greatly magnified, turning a low-impact routine into an highly-intense workout.

Backed by science with proven technology, EMS is a safe and modern way to exercise, returning huge benefits for little effort.


How It Works

EMS delivers quick waves of low-impulse electric currents. Safe to humans, these currents are transferred to the user through electrodes on a special bodysuit. In turn, the electrodes stimulate the user’s muscles into performing harder than normal.

During an EMS workout, every small action becomes magnified, delivering maximum output for minimal effort. In fact, EMS is so effective that you’ll need a traditional workout that is several times the length of a a single EMS session to equal the same benefits.

EMS-enhanced exercise means more intense workouts in a shorter time. It provides real results you can see. It’s a special type of exercise that can not be duplicated under regular circumstances, and you can find here at ELEMON.

100% Proven & Safe

Low-Frequency Impulses

The low-frequency electrical impulses in EMS training are harmless. They only stimulate the nerves and muscles in the striated skeletal muscles, so that the smooth muscles in the organs and heart are not stimulated.

Our Machines are ISO Quality Assured

Our machines all comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. They have a built-in Quality Management System to ensure that all machine services follow a high quality standard.

Certified Professional EMS Trainers

Our EMS trainers are all licensed through the EMS Trainer Education Program. They are professionally equipped to not only operate our devices, but to provide top quality service to clients while complying to best practices and protocols.


History of EMS

The use of low-impulse electric currents were first pioneered by the medical community for use in physical rehabilitation therapy and sports therapy.

Due to its many positive benefits, EMS was developed to help train elite professional athletes like Usain Bolt and Roger Federer. The technique has since been employed as a “Hollywood secret” by celebrities like Heidi Klum, Madonna, Elizabeth Hurley, and even Marvel superhero movie actors.

EMS enjoyed great popularity in Europe before spreading to North America where it looks to become the next hot trend in personal fitness and health improvement lifestyles.


EMS vs Traditional Gym

EMS removes the repetition and hassle of traditional workouts and replaces it with a modern solution, making it the true workout of the 21st century.

The traditional way of exercising requires you to perform each action individually. Your brain sends a signal to your muscle, and your muscle performs the intended action, repeating it many times. Now, using EMS, electrically-enhanced muscles can be shifted into overdrive to reach their full potential.

EMS-enhanced exercise provides more benefits in a shorter amount of time. By using EMS, you can finally enjoy the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.


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Is EMS safe?

EMS is based on the same science used for rehabilitative physical therapy. This technique uses low-impulse electric currents that are not harmful towards humans. Their effect is limited to striated muscles such as those in the arms and legs. EMS is not designed to impact upon the body’s internal organs.

What does EMS feel like? Does it hurt?

EMS is not painful and does not hurt. Low-current electric current passing through your muscles causes a “fluttering” sensation in your muscles. It is a prickling sensation somewhat similar to the “pins and needles” you feel when your foot falls asleep. 


The external influence of EMS causes a disorientating effect. Due to the external influence on your muscles, it becomes more difficult to control your actions. This shows that EMS is working exactly as intended. Our machines activate your muscles and put them to work, providing you with an intense workout each and every time.

What happens during an EMS session?

Before the session, you’ll need to put on a special EMS bodysuit. This bodysuit is equipped with electrodes located in major muscle areas. 


The EMS system will then deliver quick waves of low-impulse electric currents to the user as they exercise. This stimulates muscles into performing harder than normal, thereby resulting in an intense workout that can not be duplicated under regular circumstances.


During the session, you’ll perform movements and exercise in time with the waves of currents. As unfamiliar as it may be, this sensation is your muscles becoming fully activated, making for an intense exercise experience.

What is the science behind EMS?

Even though the technology behind EMS is very advanced, the science behind it is based on a natural process.


Our brains send commands to our muscles through neurons, which are essentially electrical impulses. During an EMS session, similar electric currents are sent to your muscles. Even though they originate from an external source, your body’s muscles still recognize the EMS signals.


But there is a difference. Normally, only two-thirds of muscle fiber responds when the brain sends an impulse. On the other hand, an EMS signal will almost activate the entire muscle. 


By thoroughly stimulating your muscles that can’t be replicated naturally, an EMS session can provide more benefits than a traditional workout session.

What does my body feel like after an EMS session? Will my muscles be sore the next day?

At just 20 minutes long, EMS sessions are densely-condensed workouts. You can burn up to 2,500 calories during one of our sessions. As a result, the experience will leave you feeling exhilarated without being too taxing. You may feel the effect most on areas of your body you haven’t noticed before. 


EMS is not designed to cause any pain or discomfort. Done properly, EMS sessions are invigorating and fatigue-inducing but should not cause any lingering effects.