Who Knew Getting Fit Could Be So Easy?

Every 20-minute EMS session consists of these 4 steps:

Check in & suit up

Get a move on & have fun

Relax with post-session electro-massage

Feel refreshed & look great

Our Methodology

Strength Sessions

Our Strength Sessions are a full-body toning experience. These sessions condense 2 hours of traditional strength training into a 20-minute workout.

You’ll build up strength by performing simple actions like squats and lunges while electrical impulses contract and release your muscles. You’ll follow a computerized routine while one of our professional trainers provides supervision and corrects body form.

This workout is perfect for those who sit at a desk for most of the day. It is designed for people looking to build spine and core strength as well as those looking to take their overall strength and conditioning to the next level.

Strength Sessions should be taken 1-2 times per week. If you are new to ELEMON Fitness, we recommend that you begin with Strength Sessions.

Cardio Sessions

You’ll move you through 20 minutes of heart-pounding cardio in our signature Cardio Sessions. We combine high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with electrical impulses to provide a level of exercising you’ve never experienced before!

Studies have shown HIIT training to be very effective when combined with EMS. This fun and sweaty class boosts oxygen and blood circulation, delivering a killer calorie burn!

Cardio Sessions can be taken up to 2 times a week. For the best overall results, we recommend 1 Cardio Session combined with 1 Strength Session each week.

Muscle Recovery Sessions

Get treated to a soothing massage at the end of every EMS session. The same electrical impulses that had stimulated your muscles are also used to soothe them.

While still connected to our EMS system, your muscles will be electronically massaged. Like the rest of the session, our devices perform the brunt of the work for you. Just lie back and enjoy relaxation on another level.

Body Assessment

At the same time as you get fit with our EMS devices, our body assessment machines keep close track of your health. Our high-tech non-invasive devices provide quick and accurate biometrics readings that give you a clear insight into your fitness progress.

You’ll be able to feel your body getting fitter. You’ll be aware of every improvement. You’ll be able to precisely measure every change in your body. With ELEMON, fitness becomes a science you can rely on.

90 Day Result Guarantee

We are so confident our EMS sessions will positively affect your health and fitness that we guarantee you will experience results in 90 days. Our EMS machines and professional trainers are guaranteed to provide you with a wealth of benefits that will lead to a fitter, healthier you!





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